"Dexon holds true to the spirit of its beginnings; by taking bold and steady steps,
by building on strong foundations, and always seeking improvement and breakthroughs."

- Mr. Goh Keng Seng
  Founder of Dexon


Our journey started in 1998, when Dexon (pronounced as "deck sen") was in corporated by our founder Mr. Goh Keng Seng.  The name Dexon was personally chosen by Mr. Goh Keng Seng who was inspired by the Chinese proverb ‘旗开得胜’, which translate to mean ‘once the flag is hoisted, victory is achieved’. The name Dexon is a phonetic adaptation of the last two characters of the proverb, 得胜.

Our pioneer office was located on the ground floor of an apartment in Meadow Park. In 1999, we moved to Kuchai Entrepreneurs’ Park where we experienced significant growth, as we began to build a strong foundation. 

In 2014, we moved to our new headquarters in Bandar Puteri, Puchong to provide a more conducive working environment for our team, and to continue the Dexon Journey.

Through the years, we have stayed true to our belief that excellence is created by continuous learning, improving and raising the bar. Our CODE OF HONOUR (Teamwork, Leadership, Excellence, Passion, Fun) is one we hold sacred with unwavering faith, and we live by this code.