Town Hall - Embrace Change


We hold our 2nd Town Hall Meeting on 25th November 2017 at our company. The theme of the Town Hall Meeting is "Embrace Change." Our Managing Director, Ir. Dexter Goh explained how some downfalls of the companies caused by failure to manage changes. The way forward is to take change measurements proactively.

Town Hall Meeting is the time of the year when we bring our employees together to get them excited about the road ahead. They will hear the news from the management.  It is also a time for the employees to mingle with each others in particularly with twenty two of our site supervisors. The HR and Management team spend considerable time to organize the event to make sure everyone feel engaged. There was no exception for our 2nd Town Hall Meeting. We injected games and ice breaking activates to make the session fun and interesting for everyone. This is the reason why we involved as many as employees to share their stories on stage in the past two Town Hall Meeting. In this event, we scored more than 8/10 in our 1st and 2nd Town Hall Meeting this year.