Dexon Townhall 2017: More Interactive and Fun!


Interactive, fun, and meaningful—are words to describe Dexon Townhall 2017. Being held on Saturday, 13 May 2017 in Dexon Office, Dexon Townhall 2017 participated by all Dexonians with a theme “United for Efficency”.

This year, Dexon Townhall executed differently than the previous ones. Instead of The Managing Director giving his speech regarding company progress in one year like usual, this time the company involves all person in charge to deliver the talk. Quality management story was being delivered by Senior Project Manager, project improvement by Project Manager, training by Human Resources, social media by Marketing Communications, and so on. “We want everyone who's the champion of each project, is the one who delivers the progress. First, because they are the one who know best of things that being delivered. Second, we want to appreciate their work,” said Laurence Yap, Dexon Human Resource Head of Department.

On Dexon Townhall 2017, all Dexonians also invited to participate in most of the activity. There were a lot of games, interactive questions, and fun activities that encourage Dexonians to take part. “I am happy that this year Dexon Townhall is different than the previous townhall. Usually we just sit here and listen to Boss talk. Now, townhall is more fun because all of us can feel the spirit,” said a Dexonian on the sharing session.

Well, thank you for the feedback, Dexonians. See you on the next townhall!