UTAR and UniKL Student Visit: Because Sharing is Caring


Students from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and UniKL British Malaysia Institute (BMI) paid a visit to Dexon office on Saturday, 11th March 2017. Twenty nine students were coming from Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science UTAR and six students from Electrical Engineering UniKL BMI. The visit aims to provide students insight regarding how electrical contractor company work and practical knowledge regarding site working.

The event started at 10.30 AM, began with group photo in front of Dexon office. To set off the whole activities, the students gathered in Dexon Creative Room. “Good morning students from UTAR and UniKL, welcome to Dexon.  I’m glad that you guys come to learn about the company and I’m confident our Dexon team will take a good care of you,” said Dexter Goh, Dexon Managing Director through a video. Even though he couldn’t join the event, he still managed to give a warm welcome to the students.

First main activity was virtual site visit conducted by Dexon Project Managers. Paul Goh as Dexon Senior Project Manager explained about one of Dexon project to give the students better understanding how’s the progress of electrical installation in a high rise building. Next, led by Geene Wong, Dexon Project Manager, the students were given better practical and technical knowledge regarding electrical installation in construction sites.

Company tour was the second main activity in the event. Here, the students were divided into three groups. Each group will go through three floors in Dexon Office. In each floor, students will learn about different topic. On ground floor, Dexon Human Resource shared the growth of Dexon and its journey. Move to first floor, Dexon Project Manager delivered electrical drawing knowledge and gave them the example. Meanwhile, on the second floor, another Dexon Project Manager explained about distribution board and its part by showing them one of Dexon the real distribution board which installed in this floor.

After finishing the tour, all of the students gathered back in the Creative Room. As the last activity, students were having Questions and Answers Session with all Dexon Project Managers based on their experience on virtual site visit and company tour. Here, the students were enthusiastically asking questions and giving feedback.

The whole activity finished at 1 PM, as the students had to go back to their campus. “The tour and explanation of each floor and the construction work insight was very informative. I am impressed by the amount of detail explanation of the project managers had given to us,” said some students from UTAR and UniKL. They added, they will recommend their fellow students to give a visit in Dexon office too. Thank you so much guys for the feedback, see you on another event!